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What are the alarming signs of an ineffective SEO company?

If you are practicing as a doctor in these recent times, you would have experienced a shortage of patients by word-of-mouth and coincidence. You could never expect patients to come in these two ways in this digital era. Because everyone has switched to the online space where they can get all information they want within seconds. So, you should have a website and should have optimized it for the search engines to be visible to your patients. However, seo for doctors is done by various companies. But the difficulty remains in the selection of such a company as more players are there. One could identify a fake SEO agency or an inefficient company by the following signs.
Highly-priced – When an ordinary service of improving your search engine rankings costs way higher in one SEO agency alone, it will be mostly fake. A reliable SEO company would ask you for reasonable prices and you can compare the packages to find the odd one.
False promises – When an agency promises you things and results that are not possible on any occasion, the company is fake and you should get rid of it.
Faster results – Whatever you do, legally obtaining organic results is time-consuming and you could not rank your site at the top within a day or two. If any company promises you faster results, you should get warned.
Permanent solutions – In the world of SEO, nothing is permanent. Although you put all your efforts to rank a particular page in the number one position of Google for a particular keyword, it will go to the second position when another website has seen some changes to it. So, you should beware of the false promise of providing permanent solutions in search engine optimization.