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Types of roulette bet

Are you planning on playing roulette free games for fun or is roulette your option? If you want to play the roulette, then it will be best if you knew the types of roulette bet that you are likely to come across. One of the things that confuse many players when they go to the roulette table is the number of chips that are being placed.
To simplify everything, the bets are divided into two categories: the outside and inside bets. There are lots to pick from, with each giving out a different style of winning per every spin.
Inside bets
The roulette inside bets are defined as bets are made on the numbers, which are then displayed in the betting area at a roulette table. The various inside bets you can make include:
Straight bets
When placing a bet on a particular number of bet, it is referred to as a straight bet. The payouts that you are going to get for hitting a certain number is 36 to 1.
Split bets
It is possible to bet on the ball dropping on one of the available two numbers next to each other on a board through coming up with a split bet, having to place the chips on the line between the two numbers. It pays 17 to 1 on winners when playing fishing casino game.
Street bet
It is where the roulette board has 12 rows arranged of the three numbers that go across and in case you want to place a bet on a particular row, it is possible to do so using a street bet. It is a bet that pays 12 to 1.
Corner bet
You will have to spread your money on roulette tables even further. It is possible to make a bet on a zone of four numbers, of the board when you place a corner bet. It resembles a split bet but instead, you will have to place the chips on the four numbers corners. A corner bet that is winning pays 8 to 1.