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The Delightful Tasting of Chianti Wine

Chianti is a popular Italian red wine that has been produced in Chianti, Tuscany, since the 1300s. Chiantis are often characterized as being fruit-forward and light-bodied with a slight sweetness on the finish. Chianti wines were first exported outside of Italy to England in 1825, but it was not until after World War II organic Chianti wine (vino chianti biologico) that Chianti became more widely popularized worldwide.

Tasting Chianti can be confusing because there are so many subcategories of Chiantis available today – from basic Chiantis to higher quality ones like Classico DOCG or Reserve DOCG Chiarasoio. To help you navigate this vast selection, we have compiled a Chianti Wine Tasting Guide to provide you with some background information and tasting notes, including all our favorites.

List of our 6 favorite Chiantis:

1. Chiarasoio Classico DOCG (High Quality): Made from Chiantis at least six years old, this Chianti is darker in color and has more tannins on the palate.

2. Rancia Chianti Classico DOCG (High Quality): This wine has aromas of dried fruits with hints of spice and herbaceous notes. It also features bold flavors and a long, smooth finish.

3. Chianti Classico DOCG (Good Quality): Made from Chiantis at least four years old, this Chianti is lighter in color with more fruit flavors on the palate than Rancia Chianti Classico DOCG.

4. Chiarasoio Reserve DOCG (Very High Quality): Made from Chiantis at least eight years old, this Chianti features more tannins and a darker color.

5. Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOP Riserva 2002 (Low quality, but still a favorite): This Chianti is light in color and has more fruit flavors on the palate.

6. Poggiopane Rosso IGT 2010 – 17% ABV, Medium Body, Primarily Sangiovese grapes from the Valdarno region in Italy’s Central Valley; this wine is a Chianti in disguise.

Chianti is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed with some cheese, on its own, or paired with pasta. Enjoy it with your family and friends!